Knuckle-boom (Crane) Truck

Introducing our new knuckle-boom crane truck.
Econo Lumber added a new delivery truck to our fleet that features a PM45 Knuckleboom crane with a 70' reach and a lift capability ranging from 35,270lbs to 2450lbs (at maximum horizontal extension). Our new delivery truck can lift & deliver into the most challenging construction sites with precision & ease.

  • SHINGLES: $125 Per Roof *
    *with customer on roof to unload
    [Plus mileage if applicable]
  • SHINGLES: loaded on roof by Econo Lumber (with our men) $2.00/bundle ($125.00 minimum)
    [Plus mileage if applicable]
  • DRYWALL: Mileage only
  • MATERIAL DELIVERY: $180/hr ($125 minimum)
  • CRANE RENTAL ONLY: $180/hr ($125 minimum)
  • MILEAGE: $2.00per km (Over 50km)


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