Professional In-Store Estimating For All Your Construction Projects

With five trained & qualified estimators on staff at Econo Lumber, you know your building estimate will be completed on time and with the correct materials for the job. Econo Lumber has been a Seljax estimating shop for over a decade and are also a qualified Weyerhaeuser iLevel engineered design and dimensional lumber solutions partner.

Our combination of experienced professional estimators and use of industry leading software ensures your estimate is done correctly, meeting all national building codes and standards, using the materials you need without over-engineering your project. This combination saves you time and money and ensures peace of mind no matter the application or size of your building requirements.

You can even bring in your own blueprints and our excellent sales team will have your project estimate completed in no time.

Meet Econo Lumber TIM-BR Mart's Project Sales Team:

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Keray Wenzel 1
  • Keray Wenzel

    Project Sales & Floor Designer

    Keray has been with Econo Lumber for over 17 years. Learning the business as a salesman on the store floor, Keray educated himself into an integral part of our house sales and building estimating team.

    Our resident floor design specialist, utilizing the latest Weyerhauser iLevel design software, you can be assured Keray will have your project done on time while meeting or surpassing all building codes.


    Pronounced: Kerry

    Office is upstairs, fourth door (last) on the left. Candies always in a jar on the desk!

Dave Russell 2
  • Dave Russell

    Project Sales

    Part of the Econo Lumber family since 1986, Dave has been an important part of our house sales and project estimating team.

    With almost thirty years under his belt as a building estimator, you can be assured that Dave will deliver on your project.

    Bring in your blueprints

    We can give you an accurate estimate of the materials you will require for construction of your home based off any professional blueprints.

Derek Brouwer 3
  • Derek Brouwer

    Project Sales

    Derek has been providing project sales and building estimating for nearly ten years at Econo Lumber. Being very knowledgeable about wide range of building products and materials, you can be confident Derek will guide you towards the right products without sacrificing quality or savings.

Lionel Turgeon 4
  • Lionel Turgeon

    Project Sales

    Lionel has been part of the Econo Lumber sales & project estimating team since 2001. Lionel adeptly learned the business at Econo Lumber as a floor salesman and later moved into project/house sales and estimating.

    Resident Habs Fan

    As evidenced by his office decor, Lionel loves his Montreal Canadians. If you're looking to accelerate your estimate completion time, bribes of the Habs variety will go a long way! (We kid! We kid!)

Cody Lemieux 5
  • Cody Lemieux

    Project Sales

    The third generation of the Lemieux family t Econo Lumber will be happy to help you with your materials estimate for your latest project. Cody brings years of hands-on experience at Econo Lumber and a drive to satisfy his clients.